My little sister

February 27, 2012
By me,myselfandI GOLD, Green Bay, Wisconsin
me,myselfandI GOLD, Green Bay, Wisconsin
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my little sister
i see you as you grow
from a young teeth less child in to a beautiful young woman
my little sister
how i wish you could known what i known and what i wish someone told me when i was young
that you should take you time to grow, treasure the time you have to laugh and have fun
never move to fast cause life comes with twist and turns
remember you actions have consequences
and don't try to run with every one,
there is nothing wrong with saying no and standing up for your self
its really not important to fit in with everyone around...
you are smart and pretty and have a wonderful mind
but Am scared that what is around you may be pulling you down
Am worried you may make the same mistakes i did
which deep inside i know you soon will
my little sister
Am always here for you
no matter what you may have done
i will always care for you
i know its hared to talk cause Am your sister not your friend but when you get older you realize ill always be here till the end
so when your scared and confused,
frustrated and angry
when you cant stop crying and wish you had more than just a friend
remember Am here for you
no matter what it may be,
Am more than your sister
Am your friend
your minotaur
your helping hand when you get weak
your tissue for your tears
your punching bag for your anger
your camera for your laughter
you are my little sister
and i will protect you with my life
but what i really wish is that i could make you do everything right
but i know that is not possible and i agree that you should make your own mistakes
but just remember
i am always willing to be you safe place
i will not judge you
or brake you down
my little sister i wish i could teach you what i know now
to stop you from making mistakes that will hurt you so..
but i know i can not do this, so Am telling you now
as long as i live you know i will be around..

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