The Un-Stoppable

February 15, 2012
The monster deep inside my soul
Plays tricks with my head
Plays games with my mind
He tells me things
I shouldn't know
He shows me things
I shouldn't see
But he lifts me higher
Than the sky
Shows me what it's like
To be so high
He takes away
My pain
My fear
And lets me know he'll always
be near
And even though I wish I could stop
He climbs through my brain
Like a panther a rocks
Scratching away at the surface
This beast
Allows itself to be
And even though I scream to stop
He trots through my mind
Clippity clop
And I scream so loud
My voice starts to crack
But he keeps picking away
Like a man with an ax
I can't take this any longer
I'm going insane
I'm so sick and tired
Of playing this game
It's like a game of Jumanji
Once you start you can't stop
So I guess he'll keep trotting
Clippity clop

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