This Means War

February 15, 2012
By LiviLove BRONZE, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
LiviLove BRONZE, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
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The silence in the air was shocking
Every eye fixed on the clear blue cloudless sky
The first one had come
Blowing a crater into the very fabric of our lives that would stick with us forever
The war had begun

The Twins never looked so pained
One with a scar so big no amount of repair could hide it
The other seemed to groan and shake with pain for its gentle brother
What it did not realize was that there was a target on his back as well
Then the plane came crashing down

The noise in the streets filled the silence
Searing screams were scattered all across the city
The debris was floating in the air like feathers
But choked anything in its innocent path
The war had begun

The first one fell with incredible speed
Showering the streets with sorrow and pain
Nothing like this had happened before
Not here, not on our soil
This meant war

The people cried out with a sorrow only the ones who were there can describe
Mothers and fathers lost sons and daughters
Brothers and sisters lost each other
And the ones looking on from a television screen
Were stunned

The second fell just like its brother
No more were the two pillars world trade
The mass evacuation was terrifying at best
The sounds of fire engines grew louder and louder
Never had anyone saw anything like this so utterly destroyed
This meant war.

The author's comments:
About the Twin Towers falling.

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