February 29, 2012
By Anonymous

I am a teenager
I should be a rebel
I should be doing things
I am not supposed to
The forbidden
Getting a tattoo
Underage drinking and fake ids
Smoking and the snazzy nightclubs
I should be classified as
A nerd, Goth, geek
When I look around me
I wish I could be like others
I got boys who are friends
No boyfriends, simply no feelings
I can party
I can’t break curfews
My caution does not allow me to
I enjoy music
I go back in time
Bill withers and John Denver that’s me
Music with meaning
Music with values
What is it like to be grounded?
One word that does not exist
In my dictionary
I can’t fall into trouble
I simply can’t
No matter how much I try
I can’t flirt
I can’t look at pictures of hot guys and go mad
Finding someone cute or handsome
Does not exist
In my league
It is the character
Nature of the person
That matters to me
Jean Sassoon and Tagore
Two of my favorites
They sound like my best friends
Their books adore my shelves
Twilight and harry potter
Those juicy love stories
I simply can’t touch
Nonfiction is my ultimate goal
I should be
What a teenager is supposed to be
Hot cool and glamorous
Grounded and drunk
Simply that’s not me
I want experience
I want freedom
I want happiness
I want to deal with me
I want to know what life about
This is my teenage dream
I don’t know why I am so different
I have been
Together with them since 11 years
It is easy to say
Life simply does not work
The way you want it to
It simply does not
I guess

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