24 hours

February 20, 2012
You promised me falling stars through
the perfect night sky
sat beside my bed, re-telling stories
for the thousandth time
and smiled with never aging eyes

I read forever on the lines of
your face
and the blue rivers flowing on your hands,
but your lips were always dancing partners to
the curls behind your ears
and atop your forehead

Yet, forever knocked on our door too soon
and those falling stars were never there
when I needed them -
a clear darkness formed itself above our heads
as if to confirm what we were scared of
the most: your absence

Your death

The silver diamonds in the sky have disappeared
ever since the light in your eyes
left us
my bed is always silent before my eyelashes
lie to rest atop my cheeks

Now, forever is like saying:
"24 hours after"

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