Passive Aggressive Friendship

February 23, 2012
There is only so much pain I hold,

Only so much anger I can take.

I am destructible.

I have limits, just like you.

My enery is finite,

Like my time on this planet.

I cannot take another minute

Of this Passive Aggressive friendship.

It is never enough.

You tell me how I feel.

You tell me who I am.

But who are you to speak,

When you are the one

Questioning yourself?

I know who I am.

I know what I stand for.

Do not tell me differently.

One minute is sweet hilarity,

The next I inflate your ego.

Finally the rage strikes.

All I am is wrong.

What you say burns;

Like a bullet it kills,

Like a sword it pierces.

A small part of me dies

Every time.

“I am worth something”

I whisper under the waterfall

Of my tears.

To hurt a friend

Is to hurt myself.

Every stab you feel,

I feel.

Every shudder your tears bring

Is echoed in my own.

Believe me.

I lie not…

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