The Fall

February 26, 2012
I wait in coils,
For a noise
In a bitter paradise.
The silence filled insouciance,
A diaphanous blindfold
Upon them all.
Then there were footsteps
I knew them well.
"Eve" I whisper,
A wail to her.
Angry, flaming swords,
The colour of my russet pated past
Are too late.
I led her, and, she ate.
The lust, the ribaldry, the rapacity
Of this new humanity.
Mindless angels weep in their lachrymose
I find no sadness in it, though.
A life bowdlerized is a lying one,
And purity is not indigenous to this Earth
Eve can see now, in the dark
No longer blinded in the light
For the fall from grace
Lands in freedom.

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