The Peoples Assassin

February 25, 2012
By Anonymous

Our eyes have lost the shine of a thousand times shouting for more,
Our smiles no longer reach the rest of us instead plastered on as if a poster on board,
Our ears bleed from overexposure to the world you spout at us from where you stand on your step,
We are your subjects
You our king
Please, tell us what to do, would you
Because obviously we can’t live without you
Guide us in our time of need!
Or leave us in the mob of dark and gather the riches from our hopes
I dare you to abandon us
Abandon our trust,
We all know your dancing on a tight rope,
With knowledge of your exposure to the air around you
Do you feel the malice directed at your back?
The stares of hate that follow you; and burn holes into your fabrication,
You point guns at our heads like arrows to a target
You continue to stand on that step and you speak and we regret
I’ve been elected, sir
To take you out
To pull this trigger,
To wash you out
Sir, you’re merely a stain now, on a clean crisp white shirt
You’re annoying
The guns pointed at our heads
Are no longer pointed at mine

For as joined as we are we have become one,
And as a shield we can protect more than one
Thank you though, dear sir,
For uniting us against a common foe,
I pull the trigger hidden in the dark,
And see the valiant red flag that I have met my mark
I close my eyes and pray for you sir,
For we are vengeful, but not desolate in our emotions
We have what you don’t
The strive to come together
I walk out of the hotel, gun in hand and I feel the heat of the sun warm my skin
They come at me from all sides,
They whisper,
I smirk
They shout, they overcome me when it was just not necessary
Because sir, we might have forgiveness in our hearts
But we are still human
And as humans we are mighty forgetful
To the ones who have helped us along the way
I lived the rest of my life in a cage
For killing the dictator who stowed us away
It wasn’t a happy way of life
But I was a happy kind of person and got on fine with my mates
And that’s my story
Life came and it went
My life
And that’s the end

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