I Lay It Here For You

February 18, 2012
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You get me to rethink, and let it sink.
You make me frustrated, so things get complicated.
You make me sigh, that I can't deny.
For what's in my heart, not in mind.
You brighten up my day, which takes my breath away.
Why you may be the one, is far beyond my reach.
Hopefully I get there, to a place of perfect peace.
I sit here in wonder, thinking of my next step.
So I start from where it all began.
We met not long ago, in a place filled with games.
After a part of my life, that seemed so real.
We talked so much, in comparison to others.
We hung out in a group, which later turned to two.
Time passed, and we still remain the same.
Only now, I realize one thing more than you.
I see it so clearly, but I wonder if you do too.
You make me laugh, you make me blush.
But haven't you realized, that you've captured me from the start?
You should've realized, it was easy to tell.
That my heart belongs to you, and no one else.
I won't ever be afraid to say it, but I know you will.
So here's my heart, I lay it here for you.
Take care of it, please don't break it.
I know there's a chance you'll slip, but here's a helpful tip.
No matter what happens, you'll always be my knight.

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