A Symphony

February 18, 2012
I climbed the mountain of song
And was brought down by a melody
I landed in the ruins of the Bird’s eye
This flew me to the crescendo of life

There I came to a rest before repeating
The fwalah of my words rang through
the pools of notes both half and whole
Before taking a breathe

I hadn’t noticed the second tune
But soon realized the quarters of notes
that led to my B minor
Shattered did, the treble cleft of a heart I had
At the sound of your golden Doe

It sang along to finish this composition
Rae, Mi, Fa
Your accompaniment whispered
the golden So, La, Ti

And finished with the Doe once more
Before the end of our frolic, we twirled
Then bowed to our invisible audience that blew 16th note kisses
As we walked off stage

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