February 8, 2012
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Standing outside my mind, my mind is in disarray i need an escape.
Wondering if i will ever see the the fire in his eyes again, o how i would enjoy
extinguishing them right now.
Knowing only the last words he spoke aloud , “It was nice knowing you”. Nice? After all
that happened, just nice?!
Unable to wrap my mind around the events that led us to this present occasion, the
betrayal, pain, and anguish,
Wishing to set the truth straight and cleanse my mind of dysfunction and pain

Standing at the tipping point of sanity with knees pressed to the nylon carpet and hands

stitched together. Attempting to eliminate my agony i pray for peace.
Wondering why my pejorative heart played such a cruel joke leading to sleepless nights
and pain stained thoughts
Knowing that He is in my corner and I’ll win this long battle against feeling of derelict

and the temptations to rebuttal
Unable to be intransigent with the past, He will keep my head above the water and steer me
to the path of the righteous.
Wishing i had discovered the clarity and salvation religion gives me sooner than now.

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