Remember When

February 7, 2012
By maggumsx SILVER, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
maggumsx SILVER, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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Remember when
We were young
Splashes of laughter
Raining in shimmery drops
Castles we built
Out of dreams and sand
Your cheeky smile
Your wayward hair
The sun beating
A steady massage
The waves crooning
Drops of joy
Sprinkled our faces
Like little kisses

The sun diminishes
A fiery ball
Sinking, sinking
Licking, licking
The waves consume
Our tiny castles
Washed away
Existing only
In our memories.

The author's comments:
Joy is only temporary. But we can hold it in our hearts and minds.

We were together for mere days, yet they were glorious moments to be remembered.

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