Just Another Love Poem

February 10, 2012
You Were In My Dreams
Strong, Beautiful, And BLACK.
Pride Graces My Face And Love Illuminates My Smile
Its Been A While Since I Felt Any Type Of Emotion For A Guy.
I've Been Hurt, Destroyed, And Broken
Back Bending In Despair While Tears Streamed Down My Black Cheeks
I Was Lost In Misery
You Picked Me Up From The Dark Cloud That Was Developing Around My Heart
You Broke That Wall I Was Quickly Rebuilding
Its A Love Poem In The Making.
I Smile Everyday Now Because You Reassure Me That The Love You Feel Is Real
So Excuse Me For Sounding So Cliche But You Were My Dream Waiting To Happen
You've Seen Me At My Worst... When I Was At My Lowest
You Picked Me Up, Looked Me Right In My Eyes And Said," To Hurt You Would be Like Hurting Myself. I Will Never Hurt You Because You Are My Heart.
And You Wanna Know The Funny Thing...... I Actually Believe You.

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