True Love

February 10, 2012
By Nicole DeShone BRONZE, Danville, Vermont
Nicole DeShone BRONZE, Danville, Vermont
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Love, to feel warm affection. it makes one feel so lifted and feel like.... like some one cares and knows that they're there for them. it brightens each day for a new child being born or a pet being saved by some one who cares and will love it for the days. love is for a pure-hearted person, not a person who is full of hate, anger, and sadness crawling around inside. It can also hurt some one too. The pain can scar some one for their days or it can also go right by like the wind. It calmly whooshes by and it's the end. people may think love is a waste but later some one is gonna grab you by the heart and pull you in. it's one big heart that binds a couple together. maybe later, that binding heart will soon fade and break. so there is no side to love. it is just a feeling and a word that anyone can write without feeling regret.

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