February 10, 2012
My mouth is dry, my tongue is thirsty, and my lips are chapped. The body I have been woven into desperately needs the purifying liquid of water to enter into me.
However none is here and I have become far too weak to crawl over there. I barely choke out the cries of help and yet my throat is so cracked that my weary voice cannot even leave the charred lips of mine.
I stumble to the ground tearing holes in the knees of my jeans, severing the soft tissue of my flesh. Blood swiftly came seconds after. It was warm and almost coated me in a blanket. My hands drenched in my own blood, lifted myself up to the soles of my feet. I glared into the horizon seeing a mere mirage of what my sinful lips truly desired.
My dried up tongue softly licks my scarred lips. I tilted my head in curiosity as the mirage grew more dominate.
The mirage glowed intensely even in the sunlight, with the appearance that stars have been stitched into every visible aspect of it.
I lifted my hand toward my desire and need. My bare feet dragged below leaving footprints and drops of blood behind, leaving a part of me behind.
I kept staggering, trying my hardest not to falter. My hand wavered back and forth, but I never stopped to continue reaching.
The fingertips of mine finally touched this godly creature, shattering my view from reality.

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