Lost Love

February 22, 2012
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I looked up just as he walked in
He took his seat and I took a breathe
Everyday it was the same routine
Hearing my teacher, not really listening
Looking but not really seeing
Working but not really thinking

But there was something different about today
Like an invisible tension around the room
And all because he knew
And because he knew my world came crashing down
Our friendship cut short because of one secret was out in the open

The bell rings, ending the day and my torment
As everyone gathers their things and leave
I stay back, pretending to look for something in my notes
I feel his eyes staring me down
With an expression I couldn't read

There was no one left in the classroom
Just my lost love and me
The silence is deafening, the tension rising
Slowly he got up and looked at me
Sighed softly and walked out
Taking my fallen heart with him

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