Useless Things

February 17, 2012
This is for all the things that
Just get in the way
Common knowledge between 
You and me
For road blocks
And writers blocks
For red lights
And sirens
For rush hour
And lines
Useless objects
We can't live without
But rather not have

Without you I can't live
Without you I'm ok
Stay here it's just life
Go it's just the start
Thumbing through
Singing along
Far away
Here in the moment
The same

Am I just the
Siren in the rush
The holdup in lineup
The lost for words
And the yellow light
Just in the way

Water streaming down
Naked skin and torn eyes
If this is what you ask of me
I'll move right out of the way
And be on the highway
Far far away

Let me know how
An empty bed
A silent house
2 dogs
And pictures
On moving screens
Paint on the walls
Immobile tires
And silent radio
No sweet texts
No good morning
And no goodnight
No one to hold
None to whisper love
None to ask
Not one to irritate
No trampoline in
Your kitchen
 Is treating you
These days

Oh look
You can do whatever you want
Waste your night
Away in drink you won't remember
There will never be another
To stop you

28 will come and go 
I wont
Because the ball is in your court
If im all you want than don't give up
You didn't the first time

Common knowledge between
You and me 
Purpose unseen
Love withdrawn
Kisses few
And love only
The ones who
Hold the key
To break you
Or love 
Like a red light
Life or death
Needed and desired 
Unless late.

Shove me out of your way now
So I can shove back
To just me

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