Make it Count

February 17, 2012
You say you can't go on
The loss you have endured had weakened you everyway imaginably
"You have nothing to live for"
That phrase sticks in your mind
Haunting you for the last two years
It will haunt you for the rest of your life
You waste everyday
What could have been?
You cry out night and day
Blaming two people
God and yourself
You rolled the car that winter night
You survived and they didn't
God took them from you
You blame Him for your pain
But your WRONG
There is something to live for
Someone to live for
No one is to blame
God called your family home
He recieved them in His arms in a huge embrace
He didn't leave you behind
He walks with you everyday
He kept you on Earth to do His bidding
One day He will call you home too
To live eternally with Him and your family
But until then
Make it count

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