Do I Need This (Scares) Again I am not crazy

February 16, 2012
Do I need this?

Scar(e)s can be deep

Scar(e)s can be big

Scars can hurt


Are they worth it

Am I worth this?

Do I need

more pain in my life?

I hear people (Whispering)

In my head

telling me to....

As the blood runs

Through my veins

Scorching me

From the inside out

I feel the need (to).......

I've seen a lot

In my life

Do I need to?....

Go through

With this vicious

Plan of mine?!

Do I need to give up

On myself?

Does anyone care??...

Am I alone

Am I crazy(?)

Whats wrong with me(?)

I thought I was

Stronger then this

Am I

Or am I

Just a weak person (weak)

In this world

What did I do

To deserve

This kind of life (Horrible)

What did I do

To (Anyone) to

Be treated this way

(This way)

Why do I

Turn To this

When things start to....

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