Not Too Late

February 16, 2012
By , Riverside, RI
coming to live only
half alive;
i tell you i’m still alone to the bone but
i could go on if only
my heart would let me but
i think we both know
the heart has its reasons.

maybe i hold onto nothing and
i choose this hurt of holding on too long but
logic is not the heart’s strength and
i don’t mind the memories; i don’t mind the pain
if only to hold onto you
just a little bit longer.

you’ve told me for months but i’ve
ignored all the words you swore were
too late but needed to be said but
i promise you i’ve forgiven, and really,
i always have.

i never let go of that
fairy tale first love feeling and
i’m not sure if i ever will or
if i even want to but
now i’m not so sure where your heart lies though
mine has always stayed with you
even when i knew it shouldn’t.

and now this heartbreaking truth
crushes me with its insufferable force that breaks me and
crashes me into reality; making me
realize i still to this day can’t let you go and
there’s something about you, something about you and me that
i can’t even begin to understand, only feel but
we can’t go on like this anymore and
i never seem to realize it and what you are to me and
how much you make me happy until
you’re gone but maybe it’s
not too late.

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