I'm Worth More

February 22, 2012
I have searched within my heart and soul
knowing its time I must let you go.
I have tried and said all I can do
To make you understand how much I love you.
The words you have said and actions you have done
Have proven to me I’m not the only one.
Love is a word that’s not east for me to say
You have taken my love and throw it away.
Yes we are young but I have an old soul
When I gave you my heart I never expected you to let go.
Everyday you cause me pain
Wanting me tomorrow and then forgetting about me the next day.
I wanted to believe your words of love were true
But then you say to me I can no longer date you.
I asked myself how can this be love
You don’t turn your back on those that you love.
Yes it’s been hard for me to say no
My heart takes over when my mind tells me no.
I have cried many tears wanting us to work
But I can’t compete with your friends who are jerks.
I fell in love with the guy you no longer wish to be
Thinking popularity is more important to you then me.
I will always love you a word that I understand
But until you can show you love me we can only be friends.
I will set you free now in hope that it will open your eyes
And if I’m still around maybe our love will survive.
If this day never comes; lesson learned
I will choose more wisely and my next love shall be earned.

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