February 20, 2012
Your state changes
Inside and out
I never know which one you’re in
Or what you’re about

Someone call me
Inform me on how to cope
Locking yourself up
Doesn’t give you hope

There’s no way
That I can keep going on
But if it’s all over and done
I’d feel like such a con

Whatever, whatever
Here we go, Ms. Insane
Over and over
Just a big migraine

I’m in reverse
Back to before it all
Going, going, disappearing
Back to just a crawl

Unable to continue
Why’s it falling apart?
I’ve never been the one
To easily depart

I’m so sick of being bland
Baby I want some flavor
Give me something to want
Do me just one favor

I have no sympathy
Because it’s not me, it’s you
I can’t be your savior
I’m not going down too

It was okay while it lasted
But the curtains are closing
It’s time to let me go
Try not to keep holding

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