Mirror Girl

February 11, 2012
I stand with a hand pressed to the mirrior.
All my life, yet now I see clearer.
My short hair tangled and wavy,
a weird looking stain on my shirt,
maybe gravy?
I wipe off whats left of my eye liner.
The smudge of my make up;
A sweet reminder,
Maybe one day I could feel the fire.
Then maybe I can light a heart.
Then maybe in love,
I could finelly have a part.
I look at my teeth, how there pointed,
maybe if I was beauty, I wouldn't be dissapointed.
Yet all in all I hid in wonder,
you struck my heart full of thunder.
I glare at my reflection, I deserve rejection.
My long nose holds a tear,
behind my washed out green eyes I fear,
I will never change.
Can't someones life be rearanged?
I hate this reflection more then lonely.
I know the mirrior girl is my one and only.
I look down at my tore jeans and think
Just what is wrong with me?

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