A Letter to a Friend- A sestina

February 14, 2012
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You and I both know that you must Alter
Your behavior. You don’t know that all you do is a waste
To everyone you know. I’m not saying you should change
Who you are, but for the safety of others, it’s for the best.
Not a lot of people know you like I do, so please
For your rudeness, I have to make a stand

I told them you’d do nothing as long as I’m standing
But for some reason, you told them to leave the altar.
His new wife, was confused and not very pleased
With what you did. She didn’t want to waste
Her time yelling because then she wouldn’t look her best.
To get away from you, her address will now change.

How will you repay them? Will you finally change
Your attitude? Will you stop needing to “stand
Up”. I’m treating you like a child, so be on your best
Behavior. Obviously, you need some alteration
In how you behave at weddings so it’s not a waste
To go to one. You must realize that this isn’t pleasing

To you at all. I know all your actions only pleases
Yourself, but for once think of benefits from changes.
Like manners, like eating your food and not wasting
It by tossing it aside. Maybe you could decided to stand
While the child sits. These are some things you can alter
About yourself. You have to know that you aren’t the best

Guest on Earth. Taking shots to prove you can’t be bested
Isn’t smart. The Groom said to me “Would you please
Tell your cousin to stop.” Isn’t that a sign to leave the altar
And let them marry. Everything’s the same, nothing will change
With us hanging out. The Magnificent Trio all making stands
In the public. That’s who we are and it won’t be wasted

Memories cause he’s married. The past shouldn’t be a waste
Of time. Trying to ruin a person’s wedding isn’t the best
Solution to your feelings. If you still believe you should stand
Up to what you believe in, the I have to ask you to please
Leave us alone. If not, then trust me that the new change
Can be good and let them be on their wedding altar.
Even though you want to stand up, it’s just a huge waste
To us and you should consider altering. It’s possibly the best
Way you can start to please the couple in their lives unchanged.

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