Never Ending War

February 14, 2012
By Searchingheart PLATINUM, Farminton, Arkansas
Searchingheart PLATINUM, Farminton, Arkansas
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We reach out our hand,
To help someone who needs it.
And often they push us away,
Thinking they can go through life on their own.
But the truth is,
Life is to hard for us to be alone.
The world is a cruel place.
If we push away our support system;
Then eventually,
The rope that keeps us form falling,
Is going to break.
We are going to fall flat on our faces,
And it is going to hurt more than anything.
But sometimes that pain,
Is just what we need,
To realize the hand that is being,
Outstretched to us,
Is there for us to take,
So we don't have to go through life alone.
Because in the war between us and life,
Being alone is our only weakness.
When we are alone in life,
Life wins the war.
But when we take hold,
Of the hand we are given,
We can defeat life.
We can win the never ending war.

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