Help Someone In Strife

February 14, 2012
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Help Someone In Strife
The afternoon sun in setting, the world is bathed in gold;
The birds sing their evening song, that melodic tune of old.

The tide is going out, it leaves pretty shells behind.

Shall we go and take some, if mother doesn’t mind?
The sand is between my toes as we stumble up the beach. By now the stars are twinkling – way up out of reach.

I had a great day today, I laughed, I sang and I ate,

In fact I did everything important, but now I must sleep – it is late.
You go to your bed, my friend, and I’ll go to mine;

I should be angry if my bed is not fine!

Thankfully this beach house is warm and not old,

For a draught would make me catch a horrid cold.
So now I curl up and fall swiftly to sleep, grumbling about the bedspread so bright…

I shall have to bring it up with the housekeeper at dawn’s first light.
But my dreams are so troubled – oh, who is that?

Where is his coat, where is his hat?

Oh, and look at her – she hasn’t eaten in days!

She sits in an alleyway, is that where she stays?!
They keep asking for help, why don’t they go away?

Why can’t I sleep peacefully since I’ve had such a splendid day?

Suddenly, I realise, I turn crimson with shame!

Of course there’s a reason they’re all calling my name!
Yes, it is true, today I had fun;

I danced in the breeze and bathed in the sun.

But in my ingratitude and self-concern,

There was not a moment when my thoughts to them did turn.
I worried about my mattress and my bed,

Selfish thoughts filled my head.

I will not sleep easy tonight, I know deep down,

For today I didn’t help anyone, didn’t reverse a single frown.
Thinking of yourself only gets you so far –

To be happy you don’t need to live like the Tsar!

If you desire true peace and joy in your life,

Then feed someone hungry, or help someone in strife.

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