February 13, 2012
By Raelyn Francis BRONZE, Wabash, Indiana
Raelyn Francis BRONZE, Wabash, Indiana
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Most girls her age

Dream about prom

Gushing about dresses

Shoes, dinner and dates.

While she dreams of

Somewhere far away

Sees herself in a city

Independent, on her own

Shutting herself off from

The world to write.

Most boys his age

Dream about sports

Touchdowns and goals

He gets picked on  

Because he dreams

Of big city lights

All blinking his name

His angelic voice brings

Tears to the eyes of

all who hear him sing

All the girls in her grade

Point and laugh at her

Dirty clothes and say

She’s skin and bones

She doesn’t always know

Where she will sleep

Or if she will eat that night

But she does know that

The art teacher tells her

she is talented and special

Beautifully different

Dreaming to the moon

With hard work their

Dreams will come true

Now they may feel

Out of place and


But they will find

Great happiness in

Following their dreams

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