I Wish There Was A Way.

January 20, 2012
By N.Marfil PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
N.Marfil PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Öf all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.

I wish there was a way
To write without words.
Because what I need to say,
With words just sounds absurd.

I wish I could make you hear
My sound and my melody
Simply through here.
That way,I know you'd agree with me.

I wish I was capable
Of somehow humming it to you
Through words that are so blissfull
That sound as music too.

If I could find a way
Of getting this song out
Of my heart and letting it flow away,
I'd finally be free,And gently fade out.

If words could make you shiver
Make your pores breathe in the sweet
Taste of life, that melts your thoughts into a river
And fill your body with intense heat.

Make your mind go numb in so much beauty,
Make your heart fall into a dream-filled sleep,
And your soul float until it's outside of your body.
Making your breath difficult to keep.

Setting every particle of your smooth skin
Into a dance so beautiful and lovely.
Making your head spin and spin
Ever so different and delightfully.

Making your senses so acute
It makes you think you aren't human,
But a tamed beast with its mind set on mute.
Smoothing down your natural tension.

Turning your fears into nothing
Fighting off your uncertainness
Making you see everything
So clear and fearless

Making the world easier to live in,
Your worries disappear
Your time spent loving
With love that's far too sincere.

If words could open up your mind,
And set your thoughts free.
It would help leave the stress behind
and show you what you need.

If I could only master writing,
If I could discover
The words meant for visualizing
The sounds I'm trying to uncover.

Then you would comprehend,
And hear the lovely music bursting through my pores,
Bringing my madness to an end.

The author's comments:
- Inspired by Classical Music. Mostly Canon.

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