Keep On Sailing

January 19, 2012
By DanL. SILVER, Saint Michaels, Maryland
DanL. SILVER, Saint Michaels, Maryland
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Life's not about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain.

It looks as if your ship is stuck in the doldrums.
People try to break you down, and get the best of you.
You tear up as this flower of hatred blossoms.
They try to criticize and pick apart everything you do.
Don’t listen to a word they say, not one breath of it.
You may not believe it, but you are stronger than they’ll ever be.
They’re doing nothing but digging themselves into a pit
Where the top is something they’ll never get to see.

You don’t know how awesome you are at the things you do.
We all see the calms seas ahead, but you say you don’t.
Well the skies are about to clear, and the sun will shine too.
You may want to give up on yourself sometimes, but I won’t.
These times are tough, but I know how strong you are.
The grass is always greener on the other side.
Just keep looking up, doing great, and raising the bar.
Bad things come and go, just like the ever shifting tide.

So just keep sailing your ship towards the sun
And I know you’ll shine brighter than all the other stars.
Just take a little bit of time to forget and have some fun
Flying through space, off of everyone’s radars.
But when you need some help, I will always be here
To keep you sailing on the right course.
I know this has been one stressful year,
But just keep on sailing your ship without remorse.

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