Me and Her

January 28, 2012
By Anonymous

i am pretty (at least that's what everyone tells me).
i am confident (at least that's what i try to put off).
i am courageous (at least that's how people sometimes make me feel).
i am not Her!
She is Beautiful (that's what they all say).
She is very Confident with Herself (She always show it in Her walk and Her clothes).
She is Courageous (She stands up for Herself and others).
i will NEVER be Her!
She brings me to Her house for a little chat (i feel nervous).
She takes me to Her room where we sit down on Her bed (i feel awkward and UGLY).
She tells me She wants to tell me a secret (i get a little scared).
She tells me She is gay (i am shocked).
I look Her in Her eyes and tell Her a secret (why do I trust Her?).
I tell Her (be confident) I used to be bisexual and that I am gay, too.
She starts to smile (do I like Her?) and a single tear slides down Her cheek (should I wipe it off?).
She looks at me (don't do anything drastic) and starts to lean towards me.
I reach out (breathe) and wipe the tear.
She closes Her eyes (I smile big) and leans Her head on my hand (be Brave).
She lifts up Her head (be Strong) and leans towards me again (keep breathing).
She kisses me (it is so soft and full of.... Love!).
She pulls away (Why did She stop?). and lays Her head on my lap.
Does She Really Love me?
Is it true?
I ask Her what She is feeling (I hold my breath).
She looks up at me and tells me (She is so Confident) She has loved me for a long time, but (to my surprise) She was too scared.
I realized, now, that it isn't just Me anymore.
It is Me and Her!

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