January 28, 2012
By smilemonkeylover SILVER, Whitewater, Wisconsin
smilemonkeylover SILVER, Whitewater, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...its about learning to dance in the rain

its snowing
melting away yesterday
freezing dreams of today
vanishing bad luck away
so baby please stay
its underestimated
if you may
the words that seem so cliche
how they stick in my heart
and leave me without
words to say
its snowing
numbing my nose and mouth
snowflakes falling in my hair
leaving my eyes open to new hope
running a marathon of dreams
i can really do without
there is just something about this snowy planet though
that makes me want to stay
to experience it day by day
to be onset i know little to nothing
but to me, isn't that something?
i will wish upon every star
and though it may seem bazaar i will put my foot down
to overpowering jokes and the people that aren't real only a hoax
god gave me this body
so be it
i may not be perfect but i am me
if you ever tell me i cannot succeed i will prove you wrong
because life is nothing but a desperate love song
i will read its lyrics and sing along
hoping one day to write my own, fill in the blanks
with my unforgettable mistakes
and do whatever it takes
one day i will have kids of my own
to give my love to
kisses and a home
like my mommy
and daddy do for me
10 years from now you will see
that i will no longer be the stowaway the girl
who doesn't fit in you stupid clique
the girl you spit on and ridiculed
one day i will be in charge of your world
taking care of you
and i will treat you better then you treated me
even if that is pure insanity
i want to be a writer when i grow up
and have dreams like most teenagers
except one thing
i give my undivided attention to every single line
phrase and thing
if you don't want to be my friend
tell me
dont pretend
so yes there may be tears that stream down my face
and i may feel incredibly out of place
but i'm waiting on that day where i rule time and space
i wont be controlling or rude
i will never be that girl
with that sassy attitude
i only want to live my life
without the drama and the he said she said crap
is that to much to ask?
i don't want a lot just a shoulder to cry on
and a friend to laugh with for hours on end
someone i can share my darkest secrets with
and whom i can trust with my life
but i suppose that what everyone wants when their my age
and i'm sure almost everyone feels someway betrayed
so here is my note
the note that i wrote
that came straight from my heart
and that is a true form of art
i happen to believe i can be a strong person
because i didn't just come to win
i promise i will never do a thing to hurt you
and every thing i have said is one hundred percent
so here is my note
and thank you

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