Dreaming With a Broken Heart

February 15, 2012
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Up waiting for--expecting--
a call from you
a call--an apology
an acknowledgment of guilt
a reunion-the way it always goes

But the phone doesn’t ring
my room
and the house remain silent
my heart remains empty

Perhaps I hope for too much
From you. I am weary
So I rest my head
On my soft pillow
Close my eyes and wait
For wishful dreaming

Only to realize that dreaming
with a broken heart
Doesn’t soothe this longing
Slow my thoughts
And won’t make you call

What I need is you
But you aren’t there
The way I knew you would be
My heart begins to calm,
To cool

Maybe it was my fault
But now I am angry
And too stubborn
To ever let you know
That I’m sorry

Because you never call
And neither will I

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