The Dark of the Night

February 15, 2012
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Within the light, within the day, and within everything we work toward comes the dark of the night. We try to avoid it by using our lamps and our heads to guide away, but the darkness surrounds us within the edges of nightfall. No place to escape. No light at the end of the tunnel, but an oncoming train. Making sudden light before the death in the dark of the night. As you jump off the tracks, you find yourself rolling down a never-ending crevice to a river below. Barely deep enough to support you, you begin to float away. Deeper and deeper into the dark of the night. When all of a sudden, a flicker appears in the background. You begin to swim, but with every kick your feet fall deeper and deeper into quicksand, swallowing you whole. You can no longer tell the difference between the dark of the night or death. You awaken now to a bright blinding beacon above you. Watch as a man hovering above you marks your cold skin with blue ink, planning his final decision, the incision. You lay there, unable to move. Unable to scream out. To awaken from the dark of the night. He takes out his instrument and begins his performance. Farther and farther down your chest his hand continues. Till he reaches the end of his blueprint. Admiring you for a second, he stops. Shakes his head. Shakes your face out of his mind. He picks up a tool you have never seen before. You hear the crack and feel your unbeating heart being pulled away from you. You are placed in a bed. A warm, comfortable bed, like the one you used to sleep in each night. The one to keep you from the fright, of the dark of the night. Keeping the fights from entering your safe space. Laid to rest once again, and for each night to come. Days and nights blend as she waits for her Father to come and take her away. Away from the shadows, away from the fight. Away from the darkness and into the light. No longer held captive by the keeper of the night. She wakes up in never-ending hope and tranquility, only to find that she has been dreaming. Closing her eyes again, at peace. What a beautiful nightmare, in the dark of the night.

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