Hide and seek

January 17, 2012
By StandStillLookPretty BRONZE, Indianola, Iowa
StandStillLookPretty BRONZE, Indianola, Iowa
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"Expression is like breathing, without it we would suffocate" -D. Elliot <3

7 years old in a seventeen year old body, so scared to come out of hiding.another game of hide and seek, that took a different turn.. little girls love to play dress up, pretending to be Cinderella awaiting prince charming. but she dresses up in short skirts and her eyes are covered by the charcoal eyeliner. plastering on a smile, to survive going down the hall. he comes up to her wanting it all... and she has to say yes, because the bruises are finally fading.. not a single tear falls, because everyone knows, big girls don't cry.

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