Forever Mine

January 16, 2012
By LaurenElizabethVicki GOLD, Bellmore, New York
LaurenElizabethVicki GOLD, Bellmore, New York
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I do remember.
It stays with me, in my pocket.
I’ll take it out, occasionally.
Unfold its crinkled, worn-out edges,
Until it’s in full view.
I’ll look back and grin,
Warmth spreads through me.
I’ll feel love and friendship,
And maybe a tear or two run down my cheek.
I’ll think of other times,
When it was just me and you.
And a couple more tears will race down to meet the others.
Then, I’ll put it back.
Fold it up again, re-creasing the old folds.
Until it fits snuggly in my pocket once more.
And I’ll wonder,
Do you still remember the day we stole together?

The author's comments:
This was an Ekphrasis piece insipired by the song "Forever Yours" by Alex Day.

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