I Want To Get Away

January 16, 2012
By montana1039 SILVER, Newburyport, Massachusetts
montana1039 SILVER, Newburyport, Massachusetts
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To a place i can call home

i don't want to play, all alone

the only mind i can trust is my own

behind the rest because i learned

to not move forward when there's

stuff unknown,questions not answered

I'm moving but i think I'm going backwards

everything i captured fell and shattered

tried to get it back but it was like

i didn't know the password.

A love bird. Who always fluttered.

High in the sky until the seasons triggered.

No more going upward

i need a miracle should have listened

when they said be careful

rain and i feel more then sprinkles

they say after there should be some

kinda of rainbow, first i gotta learn to

let the pain go. i need a guardian angel

i don't want to sin someone help

me get away from the demon

a lesson cuz everything i have gI'ven

is now lost because your missing

While i run away with this gun

you stop to ask me a question

scene you've been gone I've been

ona a mission, i didn't listen

never happened before

my heart is frozen

already broken, Bye

my doors are closing

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