Confessions from a Broken Soul

January 16, 2012
By Penword BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
Penword BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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I walk down the road of empty promises all alone
Just to find no one there, less to care, I feel more bare
Left to reminisce on memories, sweetest bliss, changes gone and missed
Thinking back, I try to find some loved ones that faded
Because the pain of the past never hesitated
But these are just old confessions from a broken soul

The days drift by
Like a fire with a flower left to die
Everything burned away with some help from loving gasoline
Tried to blow the ashes out, still wounded without a doubt, colors now all washed out
It brings up stings so clip my wings, slit my throat and my heart will sting
For the sun can refuse to shine

I lean against the wall of my broken dreams left to fall
Torn sound bursting through the seams only wondering what this could mean
My spirits walked some broken glass, thoughts passed; people's words never do last
Only sound left to hear is my heart beating so strongly
Maybe being sad during sadness shouldn't be seen so wrongly
But these are just old confessions from a broken soul

I sit all alone on the steps of my own destiny so independently
Just to find some sun raining through my eyes, forming truth amongst lies; nothing truly dies
It's time to wake up from this nightmare; I'll walk on air, ignoring wear and tear
I'll just go on picking my spirits as i walk
Seeing so many doors I'll find one to unlock
These are just confessions from a reborn soul

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