Flowers of Despair

February 13, 2012
By ozbezarius BRONZE, Melbourne, Other
ozbezarius BRONZE, Melbourne, Other
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Love unseen, unspoken.
Hidden away in one’s heart.
Never seen nor heard.
A voice, a name,

The heart is a labyrinth
Where secrets are hidden.
Away from prying eyes it be.
Within resides a choir,
Who sing of eternal peace.

Young hearts are weak,
Incapable of obeying laws.
Whilst spirits retain more fire,
One small slip is all it takes,
For the glass to crack.

Gentle slumber is hard to reach.
The night sky gazes upon humanity.
As many spend their nights in fear,
Of what may happen to those held dear.

Those who fear knowledge,
Are wise.
Those who seek power,
Are foolish.
Though the world is filled with good,
Evil remains, threatening to consume us all.

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