What happens when we die?

February 9, 2012
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How do we know
what happens when we die?
What if everything we believe
is just another lie?!

What if when we die
we see black forever
We know that we are dead
dont yet still clever

What if all the believers
believers in him
believe for reassurance
yet not without sin

We are only human
we believe what we hear
so what if we are simply followers
of a truth not really there?

How can the world continue
without me there
How can I die
without the world to care?

When we die
do we realize we are gone?
or do we think that we're fine
Do we think at all? or long?!

What if I die without something
I miss something that I love..
Will I roam the earth for eternity
Will I make it up above?!

I don't know what to think
about when I die
to say I'm not scared
Would be just a lie

But ill rise about my worries
when the time comes its okay
because whatever happens happens
at the end of the day

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