End of the World

February 9, 2012
By emmarti2014 BRONZE, Waverly, Nebraska
emmarti2014 BRONZE, Waverly, Nebraska
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If you knew that tomorrow, at midnight,
We would all be dead and gone,
What would you do with your last twenty-four hours?

Would you gaze upon the not-so-distant past,
Reminisce as you flip through the photo album,
Call up all your friends and family, near and far,
And laugh over stupid dares and misadventures, as well as
Cry over the stupid, hurtful things you have said and done?

Would you pass the time in the present,
Throw the grandest, wildest party of the century,
Living it up like Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night”?
Or perhaps you would spend it more quietly,
Taking care of others, brightening someone’s last day,
As you wish you would have every day.

Or would you only spend the whole day
Thinking about the future,
Gnawing your nails to the quick worrying,
Trying to fight the inevitable,
Caring only for yourself?

Maybe the world will not end in 2012,
Maybe the whole “Mayan Calendar” thing
Is absolutely ridiculous.
And maybe, just maybe, December 21 will not end
In a fiery explosion.
But, think about how you spend your time today.
You never know if today will be the end of your world.

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