Death surrounds me

January 21, 2012
By blu3eyes PLATINUM, Loganville, Georgia
blu3eyes PLATINUM, Loganville, Georgia
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I will live my life to its fullest with a tear in my eye or a smile opon my face.
Trust is like a piece of paper once it is torn or wrinkled it can never be perfect again.

Its everywhere I look even if I don't want to see it, its horrifying and sad and I want it to go away, it scares me and makes me cry, to think that so many people I loved have gone away, deathh surrounds me, we all now that life doesn't last forever but we are never prepared for for the end,never prepared for I loved one to leave death surrounds me, every corner I turn and every tree I pass there is someone there telling me to keep my head because it can only get better from here

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