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January 21, 2012
By carolinekaiser BRONZE, South Bend, Indiana
carolinekaiser BRONZE, South Bend, Indiana
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Today it is February
& the snow is falling

& you are still learning
As you stare out the tiny window
In the frigid classroom,
Just waiting to get out.

Tomorrow it will still be February
& your boots will still leave footprints
& you will still be learning
& maybe your hair will look good,
& maybe he will smile at you.
As you stare out the tiny window
In the frigid classroom,
Just waiting to get out.

Eventually, the snow will all melt.
& the wind won’t be so brisk
& the sun will warm your face
& you will wear shorts that are way too short
& shirts just a little too tight.

Day will pass, and things will change.
The world will be more corrupt,
& the days will grow hotter and hotter.
People will wonder why,
Because they didn’t realize how to change
Before it was too late.

& You will sit in your new rocking chair,
Trying to silence the cries of your new baby boy,
Remembering when things were different.
& you will wish for the little things back,
Like reading by the fire on a quiet night at home,
Or taking a bath because you were alone.

Day after day, things seem to be the same,
& then you look back,
& wonder how you got here so fast.
Tomorrow, today will be merely a memory
& nothing exciting will happen
& eventually you’ll forget
All the things you once thought
& everything you once felt.

You won’t remember that teacher’s haircut,
Or how it felt when he touched you.
You won’t remember that fight with your sister,
Or when he looked down at you and called you beautiful.
Tomorrow, thirty years from now,
None of this will matter.

& You’ll sit in your old rocking chair,
Reading about when things were different
As you pet your purring cat.
& your husband will come home,
& his kiss will be so familiar
That you won’t remember how all those other men felt.

& Ultimately, today you are just existing,
And tomorrow you will be too.
Day after day, things stay the same.
& you float by
In this lonely river of life.

Until one day, you see the end.
It will be the most beautiful day you’ve ever spent
Doing the most wonderful things
With the most interesting people.

& You’ll remember everyone’s bad haircuts.
& how it felt the first time you were touched.
& you’ll be happy.
& you’re not just existing anymore.
& all you have left to do is remember,
Because there are no more tomorrows.

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