January 21, 2012
By BlackDynamite SILVER, Danville, Virginia
BlackDynamite SILVER, Danville, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"I am what I am"

Kill me with hate
I’ll kill you with words
You’re looking at dictions finest
The evidence of things unspoken
I am the piranha
My mother sent me here
A social outcast
Looking to bend the mood of society
We look to another dictator
Anarchy smells so tender and sweet
What’s my future look like?
I guess I should say it
The past lies ahead
If we don’t get our—
Search for another way
The smile on her face
She wants to love him
But what will they say?
Give over, why care?
Adore strong
You only live this life
I was happy
Who’s that knocking on my door?
Hey Death, how are you?
Or are you the great end my life calls for?
Either way I’m ready
Tired of shoveling with broken twigs
I see the big picture
This life is full of—

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