My Lies, Your Love

January 21, 2012
By Anonymous

If I could tell you the lies again
I would tell them cleaner
Tell them firmly
Without hesitation
Without remorse.

I would tell you
I care about you
I trust you
Want to be with you
Want to tenderly kiss you

If I could let the words smolder from my mouth
I would tell you I still love you

But truth is
My lies were pitiful
And you felt something beneath
The conspicuous “I trust you”.
Now we are trapped
In an entanglement of love and deceitfulness.
Wrought by your foolish persistence and
My timid acquiescence.

If I could take back time
And lie again
I would do it slyly
So no evidence would be found
And all would be wiped clean with
A simple departure.

I don’t want to be with you
Don’t want to be held by you
Don’t want you to kiss me.
I am only long for your friendship

Nothing else, my naïve lover.

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