January 21, 2012
By ohyeah BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
ohyeah BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Where do you go when you stop trying?
The words you never want to hear. Striking in an instant. Like a glass off a shelf.
One shock, and your world collapses.
Every day, more and more happenings. Rising every year. Different causes each time.
Illness. Breakups. Stress. Depression.
But you will never know what the real urge was. He picked another girl? Was it so hard to belong?
Where do you go?
Where do you go when you stop trying?
What’s done is done, and your question, Why? floats in the air, fades out. Never an answer.
Not from the one person who could. Answer. No longer able to.
He moves along and you try to, but there is a haunting that stays put in your life.
Not budging.
Letting go is the hardest lesson ever taught. Most fail, some come through, or say they do.
Harder than calculus, or chemistry or first love,
Letting go requires skills. Only some carry them. Only you are the teacher.
Days, months, years of tears streaming down your body, hoping. Shouting. Come back.
Not believing, or wanting to believe that this is it, that life is not your perfect fantasy.
Where do you go?
Where do you go when you stop trying?
People say everything happens for a reason. A reason.
But what is the reason?
Where do the teens go? Why do they take away their lives? Is there even a reason for
Committing suicide? Ever a reason? There is a choice.
Live or die.
Every breath is a choice.
Every minute is a choice.
Choose wisely.

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