Rush the Winter

February 6, 2012
By iiWriter BRONZE, Rutledge, Missouri
iiWriter BRONZE, Rutledge, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
Going with the flow might get you there faster, but usually leads to a waterfall.

Cutting deep into the frozen slumber,
a ray is seen.
Trying to overpower the chill,
bringing green.

So impatient always pressing for more.
Just can not have a losing score.

Why can't anyone be happy with the bitter?
Nights are long, and days are cold,
giving the mind its well needed rest.

Hurry quickly, preserve all that you can.
Scoop up your precious memories and thoughts,
for the sun is building its power.
Melting your heart, dripping into your empty hands.

No reasons left to be proud, so little accomplished.
Bring back my cold dark days, I am not ready.
How dare the summer rush the winter?

The author's comments:
This was inspired by an older person critiquing my poetry. He said that soon enough I will learn the correct way of writing and I would stop writing negatively and i would be more positive. I simply looked at him and told him not to rush the winter.

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