Illusion of Context

February 6, 2012
I'm falling asleep
I'm falling awake
I'm falling over in my dreams

I don't know what's real
I don't know what's fake
What's happening to me?

Midnight is the darkest
Sunrise is the break
Evening is the time to breathe

Yesterday is farthest
Tomorrow's what I make
Today is the space in between

Gone is the moment
All that hope I take
When can I get a reprieve?

Supposition's over
Drowning in a lake
How do I know to believe?

Crawling in the rain
I know what's at stake
Now I have to know it's time

Searching for the gain
Before I have to brake
Is it too late to save what's mine?

Depths of a heart
Pumping till I ache
Reaching for what is gone

There cries the lark
Inside my mind I quake
I shall continue anon

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