Lethal Minded Immortal Heart

February 4, 2012
Fear me enough to stand by me.
Love me enough to walk away.
Create beautiful actions with me
Dont you ever hessatate to see
The pain i feel when your in need
The ache i know when you bleed
I will be your fire when your cold
I will be your ice when you burn
But when im tumbling away and ready to leave beg me to stay.
Your smile destroys me and your words control me,hear my plea.
Try and explore beyond society what they wish of you and mee.
let i and you dream of dreams and not give a dam what they want of us'
its not just lust or infatuation its tender care and determination.
my thoughts spill on the page,
i wish i we werent trapped in this cage.
but a trigger switches and your in rage.
our emotions we cant contain.
and for eachother still, our bodys go insane.

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