Friends Forever?

February 4, 2012
You swore I was your best friend.
But you moved on.
You swore you’d be there for me
When I wasn’t strong.

You told me all your secrets
We even swore across our hearts.
But neither of us would’ve guessed
That we’d be Falling Apart.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been left behind
By a friend who was too good to be true
I guess I’m just too kind
Or maybe it was my fault.
Another chance I blew.

When you lived a life as painful as mine,
It’s natural to have trust issues.
I find someone I hoped was worth opening up for
And I think they’ll be there for me.

When in reality,
They’ll be gone as soon as someone else comes along.
That’s when I find that I was dead wrong.

So, if you ever ask me if there’s such thing as real friends,
I’d tell you as long as you don’t care too much.
Because if you do you’ll end up getting hurt
From someone you deeply trust.

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