RazorBlade Romance

February 7, 2012
Me and my blade have a passion together
Every time we touch
we kiss
Every time I slit my wrist
The snakes they hiss
The point is missed
They don't understand
She makes me feel human again
More like a man
When she touches my hand
And embraces the veins in them
I can feel the pain And then I feel numb
She whispers to me slow
My indifference is the sum of the problem I succumb
And no one
Or nothing
Can make me feel like her
She makes me feel like our world is absurd
And I am nothing but a nerd in a big jock herd
And I will only be heard unless I do something I am not
But I will not
I rather let my blood clot through these corridor floors
And decorate the bathrooms with red
as if...
As if it were sport
Of course
I'm healthy as a horse
And the knife in my flesh takes its course for the worst
down my skin
Letting only real emotions in
I feel myself again
my only friend
Which I named myself
Nickname pride
And me and her go for many rides
Find places inside
to write marks in stride
And count constellations on my skin As if my body were the sky
Says I
When I cry sometimes when my babe strikes at night
Hurts a lil to much
Says I
When I cry sometimes when my babe says kiss me
and whispers
Hold me tight
And it hurts me to clutch the knife
I mean

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lrshap said...
Feb. 16, 2012 at 6:51 pm
wow, very good, it's a little confusing and i feel like im reading one of those profetional dudes poetry, like frost. anyway very good, i liked it.
EthanCalhoun replied...
Feb. 16, 2012 at 9:01 pm
thank you means alot
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